General The End of Spectacular Matches at WCG 2019


The curtain fell on WCG 2019 Xi’an after its four-day Grand Final was completed.

506 gamers from 34 countries who passed the regional offline finals once again battled fiercely in the Grand Final, with their eyes on the prestigious WCG medals. The audience cheered the resurrection of the WCG with warm applause for the players who valiantly played outstanding games, regardless of the results.

The overall grand championship for the WCG 2019 went to China which amassed four gold medals, three silver medals, and three bronze medals. The US followed with one gold and one silver medal, while Hungary came in third place with one gold.

[Honor of Kings]
DTeam Defeats VSTAR with Perfect Game Play

China’s DTeam defeated VSTAR 2:0 to take home the gold medal and a cash prize of USD 80,000.

The two Chinese teams met once again in the championship match, after playing other each in a Group A stage match. For everyone, the question was whether DTeam would continue to dominate, as it had won 2:0 in the group stage.

DTeam started off the first set by pressuring VSTAR with tight game management. Xiaoma, who anticipated the tower defense movements, cut off the opponent, and thanks to the performance of kuku, DTeam was able to overcome all of the VSTAR players in the mid-line grand fight.

DTeam took the Tyrant and Overload while maintaining its edge and destroyed VSTAR’s towers right up to the Nexus. Trying to flip the situation, VSTAR looked for weak points and Qy made a triple kill. But in the grand fight that followed, DTeam’s kuku also recorded a triple kill and successfully took the Nexus.

DTeam continued its onslaught in the second set. The excessive deal exchange of VSTAR early on in the game was targeted, resulting in a double kill for Yuese, and through efficient gang kills, they took the lead in the mid line.

In the later battles, all of VSTAR’s towers were pushed back and a defensive strategy around the Nexus was used to even the kill score, but it was not enough to offset the big difference in gold. Ultimately, DTeam took the Nexus thanks to the performance of Yuese who recorded a Legend and kuku who avoided all of the opponents’ attacks to clinch the Honor of Kings gold medal.

Final Results
DTeam (China) 2 : 0 VSTAR (China)

[Dota 2]
Calm and Poised Newbee Defeats Cignal Ultra

China’s Newbee defeated Cignal Ultra of the Philippines 2:0 to become the champions in Dota 2 at the WCG 2019 Xi'an Grand Final.

Newbee won all of its matches in the group stage and defeated Hippomaniacs of the Czech Republic 2:1, and then overpowered Cignal Ultra in the final match with near-perfect teamwork.

Finding itself in trouble in the first set, Newbee calmly turned the tables. It appeared that they had lost the upper hand in the game due to the quick teamwork and aggressive play of Cignal Ultra, but while the opponents were attacking Roshan, Sccc made a triple kill to turn the tide.

Even with Cignal Ultra obtaining Roshan, it was difficult to stop Sccc’s Ember Spirit that was growing quickly. Thanks to Sccc who made an ultra-kill in the grand fight that followed, Newbee successfully destroyed the mid barracks and changed the momentum of the game. Cignal Ultra concentrated its forces on the bottom line, but failed to suppress Newbee’s hero and had to give up.

After winning the first set, Newbee played by pinpointing the opponent’s weaknesses in the second set. Starting with the first kill of Fenrir, they took control of all lines through bold gang kills. Newbee took full control and then went on to Roshan. Cignal Ultra tried to make a surprise attack in the mid line, but their opponents returned quickly and ended up losing four kills.

Newbee had a three-times higher kill score, and then took the top and mid barracks to take the victory without many losses. After giving up the mid barracks, Cignal Ultra chased the retreating opponents but failed, and then gave in, crowning Newbee as the champions of Dota 2 at WCG 2019 Xi'an.

Dota 2, Championship Match Results
Newbee (China) 2 : 0 Cignal Ultra (Philippines)

[Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne]
Infi’s Strategies Launch Comeback over TH000

China’s Infi’s play was calm and composed, which was what helped him rally and defeat China’s TH000 to take the gold medal in Warcraft III at WCG 2019 Xi'an.

After each took out Russia’s mTw-HawK and Korea’s Moon in the semifinals 2:0, it was expected that these old Chinese rivals would have a fierce showdown.

The first set that was played in Amazonia was highlighted by TH000’s quick capitalization of their opponent’s mistake. TH000 quickened the speed of the Archmage and Mountain King through experience points gained early in footmen battles. There was a difference in the number of troops, and so TH000 successfully attacked Infi’s expansion base and then even gained the upper hand in terms of resources.

Infi also attacked his opponent’s expansion base, but the difference in resources was evident in the difference of troops. Infi then went on to be counterattacked, losing his Archmage and Mountain King, and had to give up.

After losing the first set, Infi obtained the Lion Horn of Stormwind in the second set played at Ancient Isles, taking the upper hand decisively. Infi had the edge in combat using the Devotion Aura and then identified the castle upgrade timing of TH000 and attacked at the right time.

TH000 tried to make up for the lack of troops by controlling Goblin Zeppelin, but was attacked by the Archmage and Mountain King, losing many militia and his Paladin which ended up costing him the second set.

The final set, which would determine the winner, was played in Last Refuge. The Scourge Bone Chimes went to Infi’s Archmage and the game tilted toward Infi early on in the game. TH000 quickly expanded in the hope of offsetting his shortage of troops, but Infi knew what was happening, and halted this development.

Infi gained the advantage, and even hired Pandaren Brewmaster, pumping out an overwhelming number of units. TH000 made a final attempt before things worsened, but was unable to get past the Elementals and Breath of Fire. TH000 tapped out and Infi recorded the comeback win, clinching the gold medal in Warcraft III.

Warcraft III, Championship Match Results
Infi (China) 2 : 1 TH000 (China)