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[Chinese Final] Wenwenwen – Firmament, advance to Clash Royale Grand Final.

Wenwenwen and Firmament have secured their slot for the grand finals at WCG 2019 Xi’an Clash Royale Chinese Final.After a round robin with seven rounds, Wenwenwen became 1st place with 6 wins and 1 loss, and Firmament 2nd place with 5 wins and 2 losses. Firmament was tied with karry and C.chief, but based on head to head rule, Firmament, who had defeated both players was determined as 2nd place. Run and Sabre were eliminated.Wenwenwen (China) vs sabre (China), 6R Highlights Wenwenwen confirmed his advance to the grand finals at Round 6 against Sabre. Wenwenwen used an aerial composition consisting of Baby Dragon, Mega Minion and Lava Hound, against Sabre’s Goblin Hut and Lightning.  Sabre used Inferno Tower to intercept, but in continued war of attrition, his tower’s hp continued to drain. Wenwenwen seized the opportunity and acquired the crown with Poison and Lava Hound.Wenwenwen won the 7th round by default and concluded the final as first place with 6 wins and 1 loss.Firmament (China) vs karry (China), 1R Highlights Firmament faced karry in the first round. Firmament used Prince, Bandit and Spear Goblin, against the opponent’s Goblin Hut and Furnace. The game went on to sudden death, and Firmament managed to take down karry’s tower with Bandit, when karry was low on Elixir.In the second set, karry chose an aggressive tactic in which he placed Prince and Golem in the front line to counter Firmament’s Graveyard. However, Firmament summoned Lava Hound and Mega Minion to focus fire on the opponent’s weak point, and finished off the tower with low HP with a Fireball.After that, Firmament lost 2:0 to Wenwenwen in the 5th round, but with victory against C.chief in the final round, he secured 2nd place with 5 wins and 1 loss.Wenwenwen and Firmament who have finished Chinese Final, will go to WCG 2019 Xi’an Clash Royale Grand Final from July 18th to 21st, and face gdh65(New Zealand), Taoki(Chinese Taipei), JuicyJ(USA), UNDFroncoMSL(Argentina), Arctic Paul(France) and Efemgg(Turkey) for the gold medal.

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[European Final] France-Turkey, advance to Clash Royale Grand Final

In WCG 2019 Xi’an Clash Royale European Final, Arctic Paul(France) and Efemgg(Turkey) have advanced to the grand final.  After a round robin with seven rounds, Arctic Paul was ranked 1st place with 7 wins, and Efemgg achieved 2nd place with 5 wins and 2 losses. Gxtorshot(Sweden) was tied with Efemgg with 5-2 score, but based on head to head rule, he was ranked third place. Die Bakterie(Germany), Fernando725(Spain), ivan(Bulgaria) and lucasgsm_13(Portugal) were eliminated.Arctic Paul (France) vs Die Bakterie (Germany), 1R Full Match (11min)Arctic Paul who achieved all win, played with deck comprised with Sparky and Giant Goblin. Die Bakterie, on the other hand, used Graveyard and Poison spell, which wasn’t enough to deflect the opponent’s firepower, and Artic Paul took down the first set with Sparky. In the 2nd set, Die Bakterie utilized Furnace, Royal Giant and Electro Wizard to counter Arctic Paul’s Sparky and Giang Goblin composition. The set extended to sudden death, and Artic Paul’s Hunter continued to overcome the opponent’s Furnace and Royal Giant, and was able to turn the tide to take the victory.Efemgg (Turkey) vs Gxtorshot (Sweden), 7R Full Match (10mins)In the seventh round, Gxtorshot who was in 2nd place and Efemgg who was in 3rd place faced off with the last ticket to the grand final at stake. Gxtorshot had 5 wins and 1 loss, and Efemgg had 4 wins and 2 losses. If Efemgg won the game, he could surpass his opponent based on head to head rule and advance.Efemgg used Cannon as his core deck for the seventh round, whereas Gstorshot chose to place Prince in the front, and deal damage to tower with Poison Spell and Miner. Gxtorshot played aggressively to take down the tower, but Efemgg managed to counterattack when the opponent ran short of Elixir and win the game by close call.Efemgg seized the momentum and chose Royal Giant, Lumberjack and Lightning. Gxtorhot managed to defend Efemgg’s offense which included Furnace, and summoned P.E.K.A and Ram Rider. In late game, Efemgg dealt ranged damage with Royal Giant and Lightning buffed by Lumberjack, succeeded in taking the tower down, clearing his way to the grand final. The winners of the European Final, Gxtorshot and Efemgg, will participate in WCG 2019 Xi’an held from July 18th to 21st to take their shot at the Clash Royale gold medal. 

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[Clash Royale Americas Final] Argentina and USA will advance to the Grand Final

UND Franco MSL (Argentina) and JuicyJ (USA) won the first and second places in the WCG 2019 Xi'an Clash Royale Americas Final. UND Franco MSL and JuicyJ advanced to the grand finals with a 6-1 record after playing 7 rounds. BernsteinCat (USA), ACE I NicoLaS (Chile), Swood (Canada) and Pompeyo4 (Mexico) were eliminated. UND FrancoMSL, who won against JuicyJ, was ranked first based on head to head rule.UND Franco MSL (Argentina) vs Pompeyo4 (Mexico), 6R HighlightsUND Franco MSL confirmed his place in the Grand Final after the sixth round against Pompeyo4. UND Franco MSL pressed Pompeyo4 hard with an aggressive combination of Miners, Hog Riders, and Valkyrie with Massive Snowballs and Earthquake Spell. Pompeyo4 tried to break through the front with Prince, Electro Wizard, and Giant, but was blocked by his opponent's Inferno Tower, failing to gain score. Pompeyo 4's Princess Tower lost strength, and UND Franco MSL, took the momentum and won the crown with earthquake magic. UND Franco MSL lost two points to ACE I NicoLaS in the final round, but he was still in the top spot thanks to a victory against JuicyJ and BernsteinCat.JuicyJ (USA) vs Swood (Canada), 7R HighlightsJuicyJ, who made it to the Grand Final as 2nd place, played aggressively with Sparky, Dark Prince and Giants. In the final match against Swood, he deployed Lava Hound in the foreground and charged through his opponent's Poison Spell and Cemetery combination in front. He lost the second set, but since he had already confirmed the second place, and in the following set, he focused all fire to the right side tower from early game, and took the victory. BernsteinCat, who was undefeated until the fourth round, would have been able to qualify for the Grand Final if he beat UND Franco MSL and JuicyJ in the fifth and sixth rounds. However, he failed to win both games and finished third with a record of 5 wins and 2 losses. UND Franco MSL and JuicyJ, who have passed the Americas final, will challenge for the Clash Royale gold medal at 'WCG 2019 Xi'an' in China from July 18th to 21st.

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[APAC Final] Chinese Taipei and New Zealand will advance to the Clash Royale Grand Final

Taoki (Chinese Taipei) and gdh65 (New Zealand) have confirmed their entry into the WCG 2019 Xi’an Grand Final through WCG - Clash Royale APAC final tiebreaker.As a result of 7th round, Taoki and gdh65 have advanced to the Grand Final with a 6-1 record. Ztephan (South Korea), MingChan (Hong Kong, China), KHANI (South Korea), Detective Hecka (Philippines) and FaLcOn (India) were eliminated.Taoki, gdh65, and Ztephan all had record of 6 wins and 1 loss on Round 7 and went througha tiebreaker with 6 wins and 1 loss.Adopting to opponent’s strategy is important in Clash Royale, and Taoki and gdh65, who entered the Grand Final, played a variety of card combinations according to their Elixir situation.  As Taoki and Ztephan were facing another potential rematch based on result, Taoki actively used Goblin Hut and Grave in the tie-breaker. Taoki built a defensive line with summoned Goblins and shaved the tower's strength slightly with grave and poison spell. He succeeded in defeating Ztephan, who threw a Giant Skull and a Clone Spell.Taoki used Lava Hound, Golem and Prince in Round 3 of the round robin, against Detective Hecka, and defeated KHANI with  Lava Hound, Baby Dragon and Inferno Dragon combo based on the Skull Tomb.gdh65 also took advantage in the tiebreaker using Ram Rider deck.In the final match against Ztephan, he read his opponent's deck and shortage of elixir, and won with a counter combination of P.E.K.A, Baby Dragon and Dark Prince with Ram Rider thrown in between.In Round 2, gdh65 pulled off an unorthodox strategy, in which he deployed X-Bow, normally used for defensive purpose, forward.Taoki and gdh65, who have passed the APAC final, will take their shot at the Clash Royale gold medal in upcoming WCG 2019 Xi'an in China from held from July 18th to 21st.  

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Clash Royale Meets the WCG

Clash Royale: A universally recognized mobile gameThe third official event unveiled by the 2019 WCG was Clash Royale. This mobile game is played with cute-looking characters and looks quite simple. At first glance, it does not appear to live up to its name.However, the people who have played this game will probably understand why this game has been chosen as an official WCG event.The appeal of Clash Royale is broader and deeper than any other e-sport game in existence today.Clash Royale was released in 2016 by Supercell, which is also responsible for hits such as Clash of Clans and Hay Day. Clash Royale is based on the same system as Clash of Clans but has stronger strategic aspects, maximizing the fun of combat.  All of these things are what make Clash Royale a smash hit.The game has an intricate, real-time match-making system that makes it easy to play against opponents with similar settings, and each round is short, but still requires players to think about what they will do, broadening the number of choices available. In the game, there is also a sense of tension, resulting from the game’s real-time changes. Trade tokens were also added to the game so that even casual players can catch up to their opponents as long as they have the necessary skills.With the success of Clash Royale, Supercell was able to solidify its image as a company that releases only ‘must-play games.’ Supercell also gained attention at the end of last year with its release of Brawl Stars, which is also being lauded as a top, next-generation Esports game.27M gamers in the preliminaries for the 2017 Clash Royale Crown ChampionshipThe number of gamers who compete in the Clash Royale Preliminaries is almost unfathomable. Supercell’s key to Esports success has been creating games that are ‘open to everyone.’ In Clash Royale, anyone can easily acquire cards using only in-game rewards. Also, in tournament mode, card levels are the same for all users. This allows players to compete against each other based only on their skills and wit.Based on the game’s accessibility, users began making their own small-scale tournaments, which grew over time. Supercell strategically supported these tournaments, and a few pro teams were formed.Clash Royale has continued to evolve since its inception. If the Crown Championship in 2017 was a world tournament for all amateurs, 2018 was a year in which professional teams faced off against each other in the global arena. In 2018, a regular league was formed and played for two seasons, and a World Finals was held with winnings of up to KRW 1.1 billion.There is not a gamer today that doesn’t recognize that Clash Royale has become a global Esports event, despite the fact that it’s a mobile game. The reason why Clash Royale was selected as a demonstration event for the 2018 Asian Games was most likely because it can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world.Another reason why the Clash Royale WCG deserves our attention is because nobody knows which player will be victorious.Out of all the WCG events, Clash Royale is the most likely to give birth to a champion that has yet to be discovered. The vast pool of Clash Royale gamers also makes it highly likely that there will be plenty of upsets and drama.Leading countries in Esports have already organized their professional Clash Royale teams and even at this very moment, many skilled gamers are gathering together, dreaming of becoming the next Esports stars. Some of these gamers now engaging in league play are also becoming the topic of hot news stories and stirring up excitement among viewers.Amateur gamers should not be taken lightly either. Clash Royale is a game in which users can show off their skill without having to invest too much time. While practice is important, the decisive factor for this game is strategy and quick thinking.Who will bring honor to their country and take home the gold medal, along with a cash prize of USD 50,000? What unknown masters of the game are out there, just waiting to be discovered? These questions are the biggest reasons why people have such high expectations for the matches, which will be played on the small screen in Xi’an in July following the completion of the regional finals.A fun game to watchEven for Clash Royale newbies, watching just one or two games is enough to learn most of the game rules, including how the game is won. After being surprised by the simple rules, viewers will be in awe of the various methods of psychological warfare and super plays used in the game. Clash Royale is also very intuitive, making it one of the most fun mobile games in the world to watch.WCG selected mobile games as official events in 2008 when smartphones first started to become popular. The first mobile game ever to be officially included in the WCG was Asphalt. It was strange back then to see national representatives facing off in a 3D racing game using only a tiny mobile phone screen.Today, a decade later, the mobile platform has become the most popular game platform in the world. The hidden potential of mobile games—which nobody paid attention to years ago—has finally come into the limelight.The inclusion of Clash Royale in the WCG attests to the fact that Esports have now taken root as everyday sports. In the Clash Royale League Challenge event, held in March, users who recorded 20 wins were made eligible to try out for the WCG. This was a huge preliminary in which anyone in the world could participate. Users were disqualified once they recorded three losses, so the competition was light at times and fierce at other times, creating an atmosphere that was almost like a festival. Players from around the world who became eligible through the regional preliminaries are now looking toward the finals. Each successful player experienced the sweet taste of victory and a great sense of achievement as they competed in local preliminaries and are now headed toward the grand stage of their dreams.The WCG, the ‘Global Esports Festival,’ will return in 2019 and is set to start on the smallest of stages—in your house and on the palm of your hands.

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